The Old (ground) ways are the best

I have previously mentioned that we spend a lot of our “staycations” in Clare. Generally we stay in The Old Ground Hotel in Ennis, a wonderful spot, solid three star country comfort and a gem of its class. The Poets Corner Bar, the hotel cum public bar usually has music of an evening, and the bar food is excellent. The Old Ground has resonance for me as my father, back in the 1950’s, was manager there…

We ate in the restaurant, and in the bar, and yes, both times I had chowder. The bar and restaurant share a kitchen so the chowder was the same. As is the case with the food in general, it was hearty, tasty and unfussy. A special note should be made if you find yourself there to sample the blood orange and star anise homemade marmalade…divine

To the chowder : heavy on the shellfish and white fish, tomato based, quite creamy but not overpoweringly so, this soup was wonderful as a light meal with the hotel treacle bread, but given the size of the portions it requires careful thought if one is following up with a main course (especially if a starter has gone down also..). There was a hint, I thought, of tarragon, in the chowder, and more than a hint of spice and garlic. Overall a great dish, served in a tall bowl which kept it piping hot on both occasions.

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