A whale of a time in Lahinch

Continuing on our Clare adventures we went as we often do to walk the beach in Lahinch. Actually, be blown along by the gale might be a better description, as the day was….blustery. An yet there were brave souls (or maybe just the insane) surfing and swimming.  Having grown up beside it, take it from me that the North Atlantic is not designed for swimming. Had god wanted us Irish to swim in the sea he would have placed the island somewhere off the coast of spain…

Having walked and battled and windblown ourselves into a hunger we went to the Atlantic Hotel in the main street in Lahinch. We had eaten there before, for both lunch and dinner, so knew that the portions were of a size to scare the bejazus out of even the hungriest. But, pelican fashion when our eyes hold more than our belly can , we ordered anyhow. We ate in the bar, a great mixed spot with some tables set up for formal eating, a larger group of surfers discussing more and more innovative ways to nearly drown themselves at one end, some locals supping porter at the bar, and a roaring fire to goggle an stupefy the tourists.

Again, Chowder, two this time one each, plus a hot tuna baguette, formed the lunch. And again we were not dissapointed. This is super food, the chowder majoring on smoked fish with giant flaky chunks of haddock and salmon the main notes and shrimp, clams and other piscine flakes the background. Exceptionally creamy and spicy, this was served with lovely crusty herb bread, and in a bowl that could double as a baptismal font. That plus sharing the tuna bap, hot with mayonnaise, sweetcorn and  red onion set us up for the rest of the afternoon and well into evening.

We have previously eaten there and both the fish and steak dishes are great, again massive in size and huge in flavor. I have had wonderful panfried whiting and a melting baked cod there, and tasted a tender as fillet but tasty as ribeye sirloin steak. Dont miss this if your in the area.

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