Chowder in receivership but quality in Fanore

We spend a bit of time in Clare each year, Ennis and Lahinch usually, but the email I got from Lucille on Chowder makes me think it may be time to venture further afield


All across the coast of Galway and Clare there are
delicious chowders to be had in restaurants and pubs – they favour the
creamy red kind; the Admiral (I think it was called) in Fanore had the
best, but there are great chowders in Ballyvaughan still and in
MacDonagh’s in Galway.

But the best chowder I’ve ever had – gone now too, unfortunately – was
in a pub/restaurant in Dalkey called the Ivory. I used to haunt the
place, going there after swims and dog walks, because of their rich,
fishy, shellfishy, creamy, hot, redolent chowder served in a loaf of
bread. You ate the chowder, then, if you had any room left, you ate
the bread. They still serve chowder, but it’s a pale thing compared to
the kind they used to have; I never go there any more.

The (Patrick) Ivory Bar in Dalkey is in receivership  – one of the things that happens in that process is that all too often the receiver properly concentrates on getting cash, and not necessarily on maintaining the top quality which may have gone before. Lets hope that things work out…

thankfully it seems the Admirals Rest in Fanore is still going strong

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