Donegal Harbour Catch

To my regret I have rarely gone to Donegal ; I am told I was there in the late 1960’s but then being <5 years old its not something I recall. I then next went to Donegal last year for a conference, to the Lough Eske Castle hotel, a most excellent spot.

That said, I do have some good friends and colleagues from Donegal, one of whom , Michelle, writes the following.

Situated opposite the bay, you can, if your not careful, literally take a berth in the intimate surroundings of the Harbour Restaurant in historic and picturesque Donegal Town where your senses and palate will be enticed by the ‘Harbour Chowder’. Simmering in a fabulous white wine and seasoned to perfection, you can easily tell why this county is famous for its ‘Donegal Catch’ in this chowder. Brimming with cod, salmon, prawns , mussels , crab meat and hake, it’s obvious from first to last taste that the locally sourced fish from the fishing capital of Europe is so decadent in this chowder.  Served with homemade brown bread and I mean it’s really homemade! The chowder choice when in Donegal.


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