Lobsters in the bar (and on the wall) but none in the chowder alas

Another report from Donna Fitzpatrick, with which I can wholeheartedly agree, is about a bar that is quite literally next door to where I grew up (and which at one stage my uncle owned, in the 1970s). The garlic slice is something to savour, and works very well with the chowder. The bar has a giant plastic (which at one stage was illuminated) lobster on its frontage, and is all one pub/restaurant, with a few rooms, nooks and perhaps even a cranny.

The Lobster Bar, Waterville, Co Kerry.
Technically more of a bisque than a chowder, the SEAFOOD CHOWDER (€5.75) at Lobster Bar has been a family favourite for years. With the perfect balance of fish & shellfish caught by local fisher men, the selection fish changes depending on season. It’s the rich red broth is what makes this a most memorable meal, served with an Irish mammy style garlic toast. In a word YUMMMMY!

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