homely and fresh in Clarinbridge

From Kenny Baker (who is a very talented web designer, responsible for http://www.ussher.ie among other sites) comes this. I have never had the pleasure myself of eating there but if this anything to go by must make an effort.

Some of the best chowder in Ireland, in my opinion can be found at Paddy Burke’s Oyster Inn in Clarinbridge, Co. Galway. A homely tavern, with a lemon color and a thatched roof, Paddy Burkes’s is a well known seafood bar and restaurant serving fresh fish in variety in addition to fine meats and fresh vegetables. Home to the annual Oyster festival, specialities include oysters from the local oyster bed.


Also renowned at Paddy Mac’s is their Homemade seafood chowder (€5.20). A mouth watering dish, the chowder, as with all of the food here, is made with excellent fresh produce.

The pub houses about half a dozen rooms and alcoves and has stone walls, open fireplaces and potbellied stove, all adding to a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the service is excellent Paddy Burke’s is definitely worth a visit!


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  1. Mags says:

    The New Yawka’s guide to Chowda
    Do you know the difference between Manhattan style clam chowder and New England style clam chowder? One has a tomato base and the other is made with cream. The first time I tasted Manhattan style chowder I was about five. My Irish parents and their Irish friends – who’d be resident stateside about 10 years – decided we should all spend the day at Jones Beach State Park http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jones_Beach_State_Park. This ocean side national park has 10 miles of wide, sandy beach and a salt water swimming pool. It was the 1970s, before sunblock, and by the end of the day we were as red as boiled lobsters. I was shivering and my mom bought me a steaming cup of Manhattan clam chowder from the pool concession. What a treat! It was made with a nice fish stock, tomatoes, clams, chunks of white fish, potato cubes and parsley. They served it with the crunchiest oyster crackers. I was in food nirvana.

    Here’s are a few good (but fancy compared to what i ate!) recipies if you want to give it ago.

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