more stew than soup in Straffan

Towards the end of September some friends came out for Sunday lunch, and we decided to go to Barberstown Castle. We often go there of a Sunday, for a cup of tea and some scones, to enjoy the tea rooms, take in the ambience, listen to the piano player and chill.

This day we ate…and boy did we eat! Colm (the male part of our friendly couple) and I ordered seafood chowder. What we got failed as a chowder but only due to its overwhelming quality, density, chock-full-of-fishiness and general WOW factor. First, it was massive, and I mean small saucepan massive. Second, it was like an illustrated guide to shell and sea fish of Ireland. Clams, mussels, small wee things I cant describe, salmon chunks, cod, a scallop…it was wonderful. Third, it was served with chunks of the most exquisite home made (ok, hotel made) brownbread, enough per to feed a starving army. Finally, the chowder was wonderfully creamy, with a hint of saffron, delicate and robust. Both of us glanced at each other, then at the vat of chowder, then silence.. Best chowder ever? No, but close.

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3 Responses to more stew than soup in Straffan

  1. Donna Fitz says:

    Love the idea of a Chowder Blog Brian.
    My favourites would have to include:
    Bass Monkey, Howth Pier, Dublin 13. With trawlers & seals bobbing in the Harbour only meters away, fish doesn’t get any fresher. With two styles of chowder offered, their regular SEAFOOD CHOWDER (€6.50) is perfectly acceptable, a creamy based broth with plenty of fish & crustaceans served with brown bread. It’s the BRASS MONKEY STYLE CHOWDER (€11.00) that is a truly astounding dish packed full of Scallops, Dublin Bay Prawns, Lobster & Crab Claws, it is simply sublime. More of a main than a starter and great price point for the quantity, quality & freshness of the ingredients. Well worth a quick trip on the DART!

    The Lobster Bar, Waterville, Co Kerry.
    Technically more of a bisque than a chowder, the SEAFOOD CHOWDER (€5.75) at Lobster Bar has been a family favourite for years. With the perfect balance of fish & shellfish caught by local fisher men, the selection fish changes depending on season. It’s the rich red broth is what makes this a most memorable meal, served with an Irish mammy style garlic toast. In a word YUMMMMY!

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