Old style in Glengarriff

Over the October bank holiday weekend we were based in Waterville, and on Sunday took a trip to Glengarriff County Cork. After a rather hairraising trip over a VERY foggy Tim Healy Pass we landed in Glengarriff ready for some food.

There are a good few hotels in the village but we found a parking spot opposite Casey’s Hotel and Bar. Even at after two pm it was still fairly packed when we arrived, doing a roaring trade of family lunches. We found a spot and ordered, some chowder and sandwiches.

The chowder was excellent, potato based rather than creamy so more new england style, slightly spicy, some mussels and clams lurking therein, with a nice slice of brown bread. One slight quibble was that the bread didnt seem to be home-made-ish but they were quick to deliver more on request.

The bar of the hotel was a nice old fashioned place, with families eating (and kids enjoying good old jelly and ice cream!) and seeming to enjoy themselves, mostly locals as might be expected that late in the season.

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